Liminal Forms

OCAD U Graduate Gallery

Toronto, Canada

March 2018

Liminal Forms is an MFA thesis project and group exhibition that explores inter-cultural and cross-medium translations in contemporary art in an effort to understand aesthetically and materially hybrid manifestations motivated by the simultaneity of cultures and beings. 

By engaging with art practices that are informed by interdisciplinary methods and actively acknowledging the artists’ Indigenous, third-culture and immigrant identities, Liminal Forms ultimately examines the tactics used by cultural producers to communicate issues of origin, place, survival, identity, and agency.

The artworks encourage thinking about the complexity and ambiguity of contemporary co-existence. They offer a visual and contextual analysis of specific issues related to the following topics: ways of remembering misplaced, erased, and violent histories; forming relationships with culturally and geographically specific issues; and the effect of pervasive information networks on meaning-making in art.

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